Molloy Precast Products Ltd, also trading as Molloy Environmental Systems is an Irish registered company that designs, manufactures, sells and maintains wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting systems and produces general precast products. The company was founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1983.

Initially established to manufacture a broad range of precast concrete products. Using a gravel reserve on the family farm as its source of raw materials, the company began operations in Ballykilmurray, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland. In its earlier years, the company focused on the manufacture of general precast paving, building components, agricultural products and concrete tanks for the general construction industry, domestic housing market and local government projects.

In 1983 the company expanded it’s factory and invested in plant, modern equipment and moulds to broaden it's product range and increase production capacity. It was then that the company began to manufacture various types of precast concrete tanks.

New environmental controls in the 1990’s required on site effluent treatment to incorporate secondary and territory treatment and the era of the septic tank as the generally accepted treatment system quickly came to a close. Subsequently Molloy Precast Products acquired the wastewater treatment business from Atlas Oil Environmental and set up a dedicated wastewater division to engineer products and build systems to meet the new challenges in the marketplace.

In 2006 again to facilitate expansion, the company purchased a new site and now operates from a modern factory and offices at Coleraine, Clara Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland. This location features an extensive courtyard where fully operational models of the company's products are on display. It also features Ireland’s most comprehensive percolation demonstration facility to indicate to homeowners and construction professionals how to build percolation areas. Today, the company engages in research and development with world leading universities, and has come to be recognised as a leader in the manufacture of wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting systems for the domestic, commercial and municipal sectors in Ireland.